C&B Seen Quick Release Mount

C&B Seen Quick Release Mount

C&B Seen Quick Release Mount


This handlebar mount replaces the O rings mounts on all of our light sets except the City Slicker Series. The City Slicker Front Light comes with an adapted one of these mounts.

It features a fully rotational head which will allow the lamp to be mounted on offset handlebars. The same feature allows the mount to be reversed to fit either front or rear lead egress from the lamp body, at the same time clamping the lead to the lamp. 

The clamp comes in pack which contains spare adhesive pads and rubber bar spacers to provide a solid and safe grip on any standard size of bar.

When the mount is first attached to the light, time should be allowed for the adhesive pad to firmly affix to the lamp base before the lamp is rotated on the mount to suit rider's requirements.

The pictures on the left show the kit contents and the mount fitted to one of our standard 1200 Lumen lights. They do, of course, also fit the lamps from our XC2400 and Commuter Kits.

Although the mount has been developed to ensure that it is retro-fittable to all of our present lights it is probable, but not guaranteed, that it will fit many generic lights with an M4 mounting bolt.