C&B Seen Battery Advice


We are often asked why we only warranty our battery packs for only six months - here is the reason why.

The vast majority of battery packs that we are asked to replace fail in the autumn, as a result of disuse over the summer months - being put in a drawer and forgotten about until the evenings and mornings start getting darker. This does them no good whatsoever. These packs thrive on hard, regular use and, in particular, a regular total discharge on the lights. Over extended periods of disuse the batteries gradually lose their capacity, eventually a point where they are over discharged and cannot be recovered.

We recommend that at least once a month, and more often if possible, you put the battery pack on the lights and run it completely flat - fully re-charging it before storing again.

As an alternative, we have introduce a 2-way MicroUSB/USB adaptor which will turn your battery pack into a power-pack with the ability to charge other USB rechargeable devices, e.g. mobile phones. A standard 4-cell 5200mAh battery pack will even recharge a City Slicker Front Light (see picture below). You can find this very reasonably priced adaptor on the website under Accessories.....