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C&B Seen are a UK company, based in Kent, engaged in the design, manufacture, sale and support of high-tech and durable LED lighting for cyclists and scuba-divers. Established in 2012 we have enjoyed substantial support from UK cyclists and divers keen on getting best quality at reasonable cost. We aim to position ourselves between the established high-end manufacturers and multiple low cost, but poorly supported, direct sales from the Far East. By working with the same factory from the outset we have benefitted from ever-improving quality control, and the ability to upgrade individual components of our kits and accessories, to provide our customers with a complete range of excellent products at affordable prices.



With the lighter mornings and evenings we are now in that period of the year when you are most likely to consign your battery pack to a drawer and forget about it until the Autumn. To ensure that your pack works just as well in September as it does today don't forget to periodically discharge it and re-charge it through the summer.

Remember - by using our 2-way 8.4/5V USB adaptor you can use your battery pack as a backup charging unit for your other devices - iPhone, mobile, iPad and even your City Slicker lights. The adaptor can also be used to charge your battery pack from a USB source.

Find it in our Accessories page.

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